B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock

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Tried and true design for ultimate comfort and accuracy 

An official pick of the U.S. military, our Enhanced SopMod stocks have helped thousands of soldiers make the most of their skill in the field. From active engagements to shooting off rounds at the range, this stock enhances accuracy, precision, and fit. 

When you aren’t worrying about wobble, slippage, and improper cheek weld, you can focus on what really matters: Taking your performance to the next level.

  • Ergonomic cheek weld
  • Color-matched steel hardware
  • Overmolded steel anti-rotational QD sling mounts
  • Fixed sling mounts
  • No slip cushioned butt pad
  • Suregrip stock latch
  • Dual storage compartments
  • Made of Milspec materials and finishes
  • Fits all Milspec AR15 receiver extensions

Weight:11.80 Ounces

Width:7.40 (in)

Height:4.90 (in)



Pull the adjustment lever down and away from the stock body. While holding the adjustment lever away from the stock body, slide the stock onto the receiver extension. Once the stock is on the receiver extension, then release the adjustment lever to allow the stock to fully engage with the receiver extension.

Battery Tubes:
1) Remove the stock from the receiver extension tube.
2) Twist the battery tube cap towards the slot opening (center of the stock).
3) Pull the battery tube from the buttstock. Note: the flat side of the battery tube must be positioned towards the center of the buttstock.

1) Pull cap from battery tube.

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