Mira Tactical Level 4 Body Armor Plate (1 plate)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This item cannot be purchased by anyone who has a felony conviction, cannot be shipped to any address in Connecticut or NY, and cannot be shipped internationally (US only). 


MIRA Safety is proud to introduce the MIRA Tactical product line and debut a line of 5.9 pound lightweight Level IV body armor. It’s designed to stop multiple impacts from armor-piercing ammunition.

Tested to NIJ standards at a US-based laboratory, MIRA Tactical's Single Curve, Shooter’s Cut 10” x 12” ESAPI armor plates offer an enhanced range of motion and protects the wearer from all types of small arms up to and including armor-piercing high-powered rifle rounds in 5.56, 7.62, .308, and 30-06 calibers. 

Unlike typical ceramic plates, which can splinter and crack and only protect against single-shot threats, Mira Tactical’s Level IV plates combine the benefits of both ceramic and polyethylene. They are lightweight ballistic plates that are easy to deploy, and they provide outstanding life-saving protection, making a great addition to one’s survival kit.

Key Features:

  • Standard 10” x 12” Level IV plate with single-curve shooter’s cut configuration, making it easy to deploy in a wide variety of plate carriers.
  • The strike face extends edge to edge to offer a greater protection area. 
  • Anti-spall protection from the Ballistic ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) ensures that bullet fragments are absorbed by the plate, rather than expanding outwards causing injury to the wearer’s face or limbs. 
  • Upgrade your existing plate carrier with true “stand alone” Level IV body armor
  • At just .9” thick and only 5.9 pounds, its LIGHTER than some less protective Level III plate configurations
  • Lightweight construction thanks to advanced, weight-saving materials including Alumina Oxide Ceramic (AI203) and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Offers superior protection against everything from small handguns to battle rifles and common rifle platforms like the AR-15, AK47, M4, etc.
  • Ideal upgrade for a tactical backpack or a low-profile/concealed body armor configuration, where lightweight and uncompromising protection have serious benefits
  • Extensively tested at a US-based laboratory in accordance with standards for NIJ Level IV armor
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Easy to read label on the back of the plate includes threat level, threat defense capability, manufacture date, and other important details


Purchasing body armor plates doesn't have to be complicated!  Level III plates are easy to obtain, and most are steel plates. They will stop handgun rounds and a lot of rifle rounds. They are very tough and are multi hit plates. Level IV body armor plates are made to stop more powerful rifle rounds and need more complicated technology to meet the higher threat rating. Unlike the level III steel plates, level IV plates are made of a ceramic material to provide protection against 30.06 black tip and 5.56 green tip armor piercing rounds. A 30.06 black tip may not be a common threat, but 5.56 green tip is definitely one of the most common threats you would want ballistic protection against. These level IV armor plates can be single hit rated or come in multi hit plate options.

What to look for in a level IV plate

  1. Multi hit rating

    You want to make sure the plate is multi hit rated. If rounds hit in the same area on the ceramic plates, they will likely penetrate. However, multi hit usually means they will offer protection against six spaced hits on the ceramic strike face. This rating should conform to the National Institute of Justice requirements and Level 4 is currently the highest level. Some plates may be stand alone, and some may require a level 3 plate backer.

  2. Materials

    Ceramic armor plates are made of a ceramic composite with aluminum oxide and boron carbide being popular choices. This is usually mixed with Polyethylene to keep it all together. This makes the plate better against multiple hits. You can also get different material mixes that make up more lightweight armor.

  3. Lifespan and Warranty

    Ceramic armor plates are not as durable as steel plates. They have a lifespan that will expire.  Your ceramic plate should have a sticker on the back or information included that has the shelf life indicated.  Some will also warranty against damage from drops that may crack the plate.

What's great about this option: This plate is a great value because you get a 10"x12" ceramic plate to stop armor piercing rounds that also has single curve to better fix the body. It is multi hit rated and has a weight of just 5.9 pounds and is 0.9" thick. A 10 year warranty is standard which is better than some that just have a 5 year warranty. If you are a civilian, this plate is likely your best value for personal body armor.


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